It’s easy to play with a casino bonus. When you win the big win, it is obvious that you will do it with a bonus that will allow you to play free casino. The most common casino bonuses are bonus money and free spins, but you can also get loyalty points and free money when you sign up.


Some online casinos give you a bonus immediately when you create your account, others give you bonuses when you deposit money the first time. Read the full bonus guide and you will find the best casino bonus for you. We will also explain how turnover requirements on casino bonuses work and how to win and win with your bonus by selecting the right slot machine.

Free casino bonuses

A casino bonus is something extra you get from a casino when you choose to play with them. A casino bonus can consist of free spin in a slot machine, extra money or loyalty points. Free spin in a slot machine we call for free spins and extra money we call for bonus money. You will encounter these words everywhere at different casinos.

You can get this free of charge at an online casino:

  • Free Spins
  • Free freespins
  • bonus money
  • Free money
  • Reward points

We usually distinguish two categories of casino bonuses: deposit bonuses and deposit-free bonuses. These two categories help you to quickly see what you need to do to get a bonus. A deposit bonus, you first need to deposit money to receive while a deposit-free bonus becomes your hero without having to deposit money. Read on to learn more about different kinds of casino bonuses.

What are free spins?

Freespins is a free game round in a video slot or slot machine. These turns can be called a few different things at different casinos, but the most common names are free spins, free spins or free spins. You will surely see the English word “free spin” also in several places. A freespin is a spin on a slot machine and as we all know, anything can happen when playing slots. A single spin can be the difference between no win and a jackpot!

Some freespins are worth more than others. Freespins worth more than usual can be different things at different casinos, but super spins, megaspins and big spins are some of the names. Some casinos also bounce their free spins and super spins after the theme at the casino.

However, free spin’s biggest advantage is nevertheless that you can try a lot of different slots at the casinos. Look for offers at casinos where they share free spins at the latest NetEnt slot or at the casino’s new slots. With free spins you can play longer and you get more chances to get a fun bonus game or free spins mode on your favorite lock.

Casino bonus with freespins

When looking for a casino bonus with freespins, Trollingfiskeren is the best place to spot. Check out our casino bonuses list and you will see all free spins and deposit bonuses. There are several different kinds of free spins that you may need to keep track of when looking for the best free spins offer. Read on to learn more about the free spins of different types.

With many of the biggest Swedish gaming companies like Betsson, MrGreen and Casumo, they give away free spins as a casino bonus along with bonus money. You can get a casino bonus with free spins either free directly upon registration or as an added bonus when you make your first deposit.

Free-of-charge free spins

Many casinos give you deposit free spins when you create your account. This is a form of free casino bonus. Deposit-free freespins means you do not have to deposit money at the casino before you can start playing. This kind of free spins are sometimes called no deposit free spins which means “free-throwing free spins”.

When you get deposit free-free spins, you usually get between 10 and 20 pieces. Sometimes the casino itself determines which slots you can play your spin on or select multiple games from one and the same game developer.

Look for deposit-free freespins when you want to try a casino before you deposit money! These free slots allow you to both test new games and see how the casino works before you deposit a lot of money.

Often when a casino releases freespins, you need to translate your profits from them. This means you get your free freespins, but still need to replay your winnings between 25-50 times before you can withdraw any money. In our list of free casino bonuses you will find them if you look in the column called “without deposit”.

Turn-Free Freespins

Turn-free freespins are free spins that have no turnover requirements. Such free spins often call the casinos for real free spins or real free spins. When you do not have to meet any turnover requirements on their bonuses there is always a plus. All winnings will be yours at once and you will not have to keep track of all the demands of sales.

What are bonus money and free money?

In addition to free spins, you can also get cash in casino. You can get two different kinds of bonuses, bonus money and free money. Bonus money is money you get after you make a deposit and free money will be paid without making a deposit.

You can get bonus money and free money in different ways at the casinos. Either in casino’s welcome pack, recurring promotions or as a temporary offer. For example, some casinos provide free money when you verify your mobile number so that you can receive promotional text messages.

Casino bonus with bonus money and free money

There are several ways to get bonus money at casinos. Most people who start playing online casino are attracted to the welcome packages, but it is equally important to keep track of the casinos’ recurring campaigns. Even if you get more money in a welcome pack than in most other deposit bonuses, it’s still good to know if a casino prefers to pay out bonuses in free spins or bonus money.

Bonus money in the welcome package

Welcome to casinos are the bonuses that give you the most bonus money and it’s usually where you will get offers for free money as well.

A welcome pack may contain one or more deposit bonuses. The first deposit bonus at a casino is usually the largest. It is standard that the casino offers at least 100 percent bonus on your first deposit. But it has recently become more common that they offer up to 200 percent.

A sample example of how a Welcome Deposit with multiple deposit bonuses looks like:

  • First deposit: 200% bonus up to 2000
  • Second Deposit: 75% bonus up to 2000
  • Third Deposit: 50% bonus up to 2000

In this welcome pack you can get up to AU$6000 extra in addition to what you deposit. It is also very common that the percentage drops after the first deposit. When a deposit bonus drops below 100 percent, it’s not as attractive to us, and most casinos therefore prefer to put all their picks on the first deposit. All deposits in a casino in addition to the first can also be called reload bonus or refill bonus.

Reload bonus and refill bonus with free money

You can get bonus money in other ways than in the welcome package. For example, it is very common for online casinos to offer a deposit bonus each week on a particular day. These deposit bonuses tend to be significantly smaller than those you receive in your welcome pack, but can still add you a little extra to your boxing box. In English, these casino bonuses are called reload bonuses and also you may call them a refill bonus or just a deposit bonus.

Most deposit bonuses in recurring campaigns give you between 25-75 percent bonus on a deposit. Even the maximum amount you can get in casino bonuses is usually lower than that in the welcome offer. For example, you can rarely get more than $ 1000 in bonus in a recurring deposit bonus.

Get more bonus money with a high-roller bonus

If you play frequently and deposit a lot of money each month, you are a so-called “high roller”, VIP player or great player. Then you can receive special welcome packages and other bonuses that are tailored to your needs. Online casinos make certain demands on those who want a VIP bonus.

Casino may draw the limit in different ways but generally we can say that if you deposit more than $2500  each month you can be classified as a high roller or VIP player. Or if you make multiple deposits every month over $ 500, it can also be classified as being a great player.

There is a single online casino that is created just for you who deposit more money than most. Grandmother had premiere in early 2017 and there are all bonuses customized just after those who deposit at least $ 2500 a month.

There are also other casinos offering highroller bonuses alongside their regular welcome offers. Look at the promotion pages or ask customer service if they have a bonus for you.

Are there any other kinds of casino bonuses?

You can get other things in bonus than bonus money and free spins. Among other things, many casinos have cashback bonuses, loyalty points and other gifts.

Cashback Bonus: With a cashback bonus, you get money back from what you lost. The cashback bonus is designed to get you between 10-20 percent of what you lost for a certain period of time or in a certain game.

Loyalty Points: Loyalty Points are that part of the casino loyalty program. When you play, you accumulate points depending on how much you deposit. In some welcome packages or promotions you get loyalty points instead of money. You can change your points against free spins or deposit bonuses just the way you want.

Gifts: Some casinos have presents in their welcome packages and promotions. For example, ComeOn released gift codes for pizza for a while and RedBet had a free month on C More Premium in its welcome pack

What is the best – free spins or free money?

The question of choosing free spins or free money is constantly up to date. It’s more common for you to get free spins than free money which we can interpret in two ways: either free money is not as popular among players or casinos want more control over which games you play.

The advantage of free money is that you get a little more freedom about what you are playing and how you play. Freespins are often locked to specific slots and they have a definite value. However, with free cash from casinos you can choose which slots you play and how much you want to bet on each spin. As long as the bonus terms allow it of course.

The advantage of free spins on specific slots is that you may try a new game. Especially for new players, it’s good to know where to start playing. The most common games you get free spins are NetEnts Slot Machine Starburst, Aloha! Cluster Pays and Joker Pro.

For those who played longer, there is often a temporary welcome pack of exclusive free spins on a new game. SlotsMillion is a casino that often has such campaigns.

Then choose the right casino bonus

When you are looking for the best casino bonus for you, you always need to know how to play. Casinos have different ways of distributing bonuses. It is therefore good to know before both how and when you get bonuses as well as what is included in them.

Some casinos are committed to giving out many bonuses with free spins, while others prefer bonuses with only bonus money. You can also get bonus money and free spins in different ways in different offers. Want to have a lot of money in cashback bonus every week or would you rather like deposit bonuses?

In addition to deciding what kind of casino bonus you choose, it’s important to see what bonuses apply to you. It’s good to always have the habit of reading the bonus terms before taking a bonus. First of all, you may have to meet certain requirements to even get the bonus. It is common for you to have made at least one deposit within a certain period of time at a casino to participate in recurring campaigns. Other offers may give you free spins that only apply if you play casino on your mobile.

What is a good casino bonus?

There are lots of different bonuses to choose from at casinos and it is not always easy to distinguish between good and bad bonuses. But with a little reflection and a little counting knowledge, you can easily fix it. We will go through how you figure out if a bonus is good or bad. Often, it’s about calculating how much you get for your deposit money.

The three most important questions you need to ask for a good bonus are:

  1. How much do I get for my deposit?
  2. How high is the turnover requirement?
  3. How much can I take out of my winnings?
  4. How much do I get for my deposit?

There are some simple rules that you can follow when it comes to calculating how much you get in casino bonuses and if it weighs the deposit. Read on to read more about the rules of thumb for both free spins and bonus money.

You will get as many free spins as you deposit dollar

There is a simple rule of thumb to calculate how many free spins you will receive for a deposit: You will get a free spin for each dollar you deposit. That is, if you deposit 20 dollars, you will have at least 20 free spins to make it worth the money. If you play with dollars, you can split your bet by 10 to find out how many free spins you will receive. Deposit $200 to get at least 20 free spins.

The exception to this rule is when you get free-range freespins. Then it’s okay that you get half as many free spins as you put in dollars. That is, 10 free spins for 20 dollars.

If you want to go a little deeper in free spins, you can also count on how much a freespin is worth at the casino. For example, free spins may be worth more at a casino or you may get so-called superspins. Then it might be worth putting 200 dollars and just getting 10 superspins if they are worth twice as much as regular freespins.

You will receive at least 50% in bonus money when making a deposit

When you make a deposit to get a reload bonus, the rule of thumb is that it should be at least 50 percent. When you make a bonus below 50 percent, the bonus is so small that it is not worth it after meeting the casino’s sales requirements.

Exceptions to this rule may be if you receive free spins in addition to your casino bonus when you deposit money. So it’s okay to get 40 percent bonus and 10 free spins on a fun game.

How high is the turnover requirement?

To find out if a bonus is worth the money, it is important to look at the revenue requirements. Turnover requirements are the number of times you will play bonus money before you can win any winnings. Lower sales demands are always better than higher, with a few exceptions.

Max x40 in turnover requirements for freespins

There are certain limits on how high your turnover requirement is on a bonus with free spins. In order for it to be worth taking a free spin bonus, there must be a maximum of x40 in turnover requirements on winnings from your free spins.

The exceptions when you can take a bonus with higher turnover requirements is when you get clear more free spins than you deposit money. For example, you can get 40 free spins for $200 with x50 in sales requirements. This also applies to all deposit-free freespins where you have not paid anything at all for the spin.

Max x50 in sales requirements for bonus money

When it comes to bonus money, the limit for sales requirements is slightly higher. Please look for bonuses that have a turnover requirement of x50 or lower if you get a bonus of between 50 and 99 percent bonus.

Sometimes you get as much as 100 percent in casino bonus and then you can adjust the limit of trading requirements slightly. Instead of drawing the limit at x50, it should be max x30 if the sales requirement applies to both deposit and bonus money. If there are only sales requirements for your bonus money, the turnover requirement is less important and you can take those with over x50 in sales requirements.

Then you get a casino bonus

You can get a casino bonus in different ways at an online casino. In addition to the first welcome pack you receive when creating your account, you can get casino bonuses by looking for bonus codes, subscribing to newsletters, looking for casino casinos and participating in the casino loyalty program.

Use casino bonus codes

Look for exclusive bonus codes in our reviews or news articles to get great casino offers. Trollingfiskeren is one of largest online casinos and here often get bonus codes that you can use when registering through one of our links. It has become more common for new online casinos not to use bonus codes, but they sometimes show up there too.

We also report new promotions and bonuses that you can share at different casinos online. Check out our news feed to read about new games, promotions and other interesting things happening in the gaming industry.

Look for campaigns

Remember to watch online casinos’ promotion pages from time to time to get fun promotions and promotions. You can also read JohnSlot’s news articles to know about the best promotions and newest slots. Several online casinos offer reload bonuses of between 50 and 100 percent in bonus money or some free spins on a new game.

Subscribe to email

Subscribe to a mailing list to subscribe to offers. You sign up for JohnSlot’s own newsletter today and you will receive offers from several casinos. But the casinos themselves also have newsletters and are happy to send out offers by email. Via the email you often receive personal bonuses that the casino is based on if you made any deposits, how much you played and what games you play.

It is Casinos primary mode of communication. You get both offers and important information directly to your inbox which means it’s important to sign up for your email address when creating your account. Therefore, make sure you report an email address that you open frequently.

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Go up in game levels and become a VIP player

Most online casinos have a loyalty program or VIP program. Everyone who plays at a casino collects loyalty points by inserting and playing games. When you join a VIP program you can get VIP bonus. When you deposit and play for a certain amount, you raise a player level. At most casinos, higher player levels mean better and more bonuses. You may receive extra free spins every week or get faster withdrawals.

Why should I use a casino bonus?

There are several reasons to play with casino bonuses. One reason is a casino bonus a way for you to try a casino properly when you create your account. If you have received a deposit-free bonus immediately when you register, you can even get an idea of ​​the slot machines and online casino before you even deposit any money.

If you are a van player and just want to play longer, casino bonuses with freespins and reload bonuses are also a good tool. A casino bonus extends your game so you can spin just as long as you like. So when you deposit $ 500 and receive a 100% deposit bonus, you have doubled your playing time at the online casino.

The last reason to take a casino bonus is because you get more chances to win. The thrill of slots and jackpots is that at any time you have the chance to win big. When you play with a bonus you get more money to bet and play for which you can win more and bigger winnings.

You can opt out of the casino bonus if you wish

If you probably do not want a casino bonus, you can always choose or disable it. Someone else in your family may already have taken the same bonus, which means you can not get it or you do not want to be bound to the casino’s sales and bonus rules. And that’s okay!

Many casinos online make you tick in if you want a welcome bonus or sign up to take part in an offer. Skip it if you do not want to play with bonuses. If you receive a bonus automatically when making a deposit, the online casino customer service can help you disable your bonus.

Then you turn on your casino bonus

Once you’ve made a bonus, it’s time to play your extra spin and bonus money. At the same time, you will also meet the casino’s so-called sales requirements. Here we will explain what revenue requirements are and how they affect your bonus.

What are turnover requirements?

Sales requirements mean that you need to play your bonus a number of times before you can win any winnings. Sales requirements usually range from 25 to 55 times your bonus money. This means that you may need to play your bonus money for example 35 times before you can withdraw any winnings from your bonus.

Why are there sales requirements?

All casinos have some form of sales claim on all bonuses. This is to prevent you from taking a bonus and then taking out the money right away without ever playing a game. Sales requirements are, therefore, the casinos’ assurance that they do not give away money for free. With the help of sales requirements, they make sure you play with them.

How much money do I need to convert to my casino bonus?

You calculate the sales requirement of a casino bonus by first looking at the casino’s bonus terms. You will then see what the turnover requirement is for your bonus. You need to find out if the sales requirement only applies to your bonus money, that is, the money you receive from the casino, or whether it applies to your own deposit.

One example is that you have received an offer with 100 percent casino bonus up to $2000. In the bonus terms, it is stated that there are x35 in turnover requirements on both your own deposit and your bonus money. This allows you to calculate the two sums and multiply by 35 to find out how much you need to play at the casino.

If you deposit $ 500 and get 100 percent bonus, you will receive $ 500 extra from the casino. And $ 1000 in total to play for both your own deposit and bonus money.

If the x35 turnover requirement on both bonus money and deposit then you have to play for $1000 35 times at the casino. If the sales requirement of 35 only applies to your bonus money, you will play $500 35 times at the casino.

What games should I sell my bonus?

It’s easy to look at sales requirements and get discouraged. This is because you may expect 1000 x 35 to be $35 000 in total, and that is not a sum that most people thought they would play for. So now, we’ll explain how to go about selling your bonus.

Play games with high payout percentage

A basic tip is to play games with high so-called RTP. RTP stands for Return To Player and is a game payout over time. A high RTP game pays more money to the player than a low RTP game. It’s always better to play a high RTP game if you want to get as much profit as possible.

Most slot machines have an RTP of between 95 and 99 percent, and most commonly the RTP is 96 or 97 percent. The rule of thumb is that all under 96 percent is low and all over 97 percent is high.

Mathematically, you’ll get back between 95-99 percent of what you’re playing in a slot machine. But this figure is calculated after several thousand or millions of twists.

Choose if you want to play at high or low risk

When you play to sell a casino bonus, you can choose different types of games depending on how you like to play. If you like excitement and are ready to win or lose everything you should play high-risk games, while if you want to play and feel confident you will not lose everything at once you can choose games with lower risks.

Volatility is the term that describes how often and how big you win in a slot machine. A game may have low, medium or high volatility. A game with low volatility gives you more wins, but small. A game with high volatility gives you gains, but big. How much profit do you expect by comparing it with your own effort.

If you have a big game budget and are only ready to play for a long time without winning anything at all, games with high volatility fit well. Examples of high RTP high-speed slots are: Mega Joker, Jackpot 6000 and Rock On !.

If you have a smaller game budget and play because it’s fun, you can play games with lower volatility. Examples of high RTP slots with low volatility are: Blood Suckers, Magicious and Doo-woop Daddy-O.

Checklist for casino bonuses

Rule number one when playing with casino bonuses is that you need to read the bonus terms. Have a habit of reading the bonus terms before taking a bonus to avoid any problems later.

Be sure to answer the following questions before accepting a bonus:

  • Can I take this bonus?
  • What is the turnover requirement for the bonus?
  • What slot machines can I convert the bonus on?
  • Can I take this bonus?

Some casinos ask you to meet certain requirements before you can take a bonus. Some promotions and offers are only available to those who have deposited money sometime since they created their account or have deposited money in the last 30 days.

But there are also other general rules at casinos that can prevent you from taking a bonus. Most casinos have a rule saying, for example, welcome bonuses are only available once per IP address and household. This means that you and, for example, your partner may have a separate account at the casino but only one of you can take the welcome bonus.

What is the turnover requirement for the bonus?

When you get a bonus at a casino, it often comes with sales requirements. A turnover requirement means that you need to play your bonus up to a certain amount before you receive any cash you win. This amount is often between 25 – 55 times your bonus money.

It is important that you review the terms of all bonuses you take at an online account. Turnover requirements are something that most casinos have but that can work in different ways. Some casinos may have sales requirements only on your bonus money, while others have sales requirements for both deposit and bonus.

Some casinos do not have any trading demands at all on free spins, which is also important to know just because it makes your spins so much better.

What slot machines do I trade my bonus on?

In most online casino bonuses, there are rules for which games to play in order to sell your bonus. It is about some games giving more to the turnover requirement than others and that there are games that do not give anything at all to the turnover requirement.

First of all, the casinos usually define how much of what you play for that goes against the sales requirements. When you play slot machines, 100 percent of what you play goes to the turnover requirement of your bonus. However, if you play odds, only 75 percent may go to the turnover requirement.

Then all casinos usually have a list of slot machines that do not contribute to trading requirements at all. These are often games with high RTP. The RTP on a game determines how much money you can count on getting back over a long time.

Some high RTP games that you do not usually play with bonus money are: Blood Suckers, Mega Joker and 1429: Uncharted Seas. Take a close look at the list of games you can not play your bonus before attempting to sell your casino bonus.

Now you are a certified bonus expert

Now that you have read our Casino Bonus Guide, you have a little more meat on your legs while playing online. Now you know exactly where and how to look for bonuses and how to distinguish between a good and a bad casino bonus. You can You can also know why it’s important to read bonus terms before taking a bonus.

But not so, you can now also choose between different slots, casino guides and news articles.

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